Kadeem Daley MSW, RSW

Comprehensive Mental Health Services

For Children, Adolescent, Teens & Families

Our Services

Kadeem Daley is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and an established clinician in the North York and Greater Toronto Area. Kadeem has been working for over a decade at North York General – Child & Adolescent Ambulatory Health Services and continues to cover the Emergency Department at Scarborough Health Network where he assesses and completes treatment plans for patients presenting with crises from kids to adults in the Scarborough & North York Region. Kadeem takes his deep understanding of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to manage his patients he works with on a regular basis.

Our Process

15 Minute Phone

We offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation to understand your treatment goals, provide guidance on setting up your online client portal, and send out necessary consent and intake forms.

First Session

During our first session we will review our consent policy, including limits of confidentiality. Review the information you provided on your intake form. We collaborate on a treatment plan that will meet your identified needs/goals.


The objective during the therapeutic process is to engage in self-challenge within sessions, explore unwelcome thoughts, confront intrusive thoughts, and cultivate a more resilient self.


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