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Finding the right therapist is the first step.

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Children/Adolescence Therapy

This is a crucial developmental time for children and adolescents. This time can come with complex relationships, peer groups, and or forming new relationships which can initiate stress, anxiety and depression. I work with clients to develop skills to tolerate these difficult times and ensure work on regulating their emotions. When working with me children have learned how to feel confident again, how to manage emotions, and how to appreciate themselves and the people who support them.

Virtual Therapy

Kadeem is happy to offer virtual therapy during this difficult time of COVID-19. We will be offering support virtually through a secure platform and or by telephone to best support you and your family. Contact me today to get started.

Parental Support

Sometimes kids aren’t ready for therapy and that’s okay! I work with families whose child is not ready for individual therapy to create better parenting styles, build structure and to manage behaviors that appear to be overwhelming. At times parents have to walk on egg shells to deal with their child/adolescent and they need help to connect with their son/daughter again. I am here to support you and provide guidance where necessary. My job is to empower you to make decisions that fit best for you and your family!

Hello! I'm Kadeem Daley


Kadeem Daley is a registered Social Worker who is currently working at North York General Hospital as a Therapist for children, adolescents and families dealing with mental health and addictions.

Kadeem is a recipient of the Toronto Police Community Member award for his work in the community; and a recipient of the St. John’s Ambulance award for his commitment to health and safety. Kadeem has worked with kids all over the world and has embarked on missionary trips to help build schools in Africa. Kadeem has had the privilege of working with kids and families for over a decade of experience as a program coordinator at a Summer Day Camp, Child and Youth Counsellor at a Residential Treatment home and as an educator for the Toronto District School Board, and Peel-Region District School Board as a guest speaker.

Kadeem has been doing individual and family therapy with children, teens, adolescents and adults for over a decade.

Why Choose Us?

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Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

Finding the right therapist is the first step. A therapist that works with you, listens, creates perspective for a better understanding, and one that helps creates goals and outcomes to motivate you to make a difference in your life. Contact Kadeem today to start this process together.


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Kadeem has built a reputation with a strengths-based approach, where he works with the clients and builds on the relationship with families and community organizations. Kadeem works in collaboration with families to meet their needs and to support the difficult decisions each family has to make. Kadeem continues to work with a framework of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.

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Families are pleased to know that Kadeem is available to talk for 20 minutes to get an introduction and to book the first session.

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Kadeem is available for families 7 days a week. Contact Kadeem today to secure his earliest appointment get started on your first session.

Virtual Therapy

Finding the right therapist is the first step! The purpose of the first session is to better understand your goals, outcomes and any questions you may need answered.

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Families are pleased to know that Kadeem is available to talk for 20 minutes to get an introduction and to book the first session.

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